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Affinity Networks combines a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry with the implementation of innovative technology applications in the medical and scientific fields. We are currently under contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide culturally relevant, healthcare content application to cell phones, tablet computers and other broadband devices. This project promotes healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyles leading to improved healthcare access, affordability, quality and outcomes. Our medical information delivery systems also have the following attributes:

► Content Delivery Network – Advanced Multimodal Infrastructure
► Healthcare (Consumer) Engagement Management
► Web Enabled Cell & Broadband Phones, Tablets & Devices
► “New Media” Nudge and Social Wellness
► Patient Rewards for Participation – Measurable Success
► Expanded Reach Helps Eliminate “Health Disparities”

Affinity Networks has been working in the health IT space for years and developed a product called IntelaCare, which delivers multimedia healthcare disease management and adherence content and applications to cell phones, tablet computers and other broadband devices. IntelaCare promotes patient self-management and helps to reduce health disparities by placing appropriate health resources literally in the palm of the patient’s hand.

Affinity Networks is readily available to provide solutions, which lead to accurate procedural improvements in healthcare.

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