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Affinity Networks

Enabling Digital Transformation.....reimagine existing business processes and customer experiences leveraging cloud, mobile, AI, and other emerging technologies.

Affinity Networks adheres to

a solid software development methodology

to establish the best approach for your project.

This process typically includes the following phases: (Discovery) All the information to develop your software is assembled and reviewed before the project starts.
(Analysis) The system or application behavior is defined along with timelines and budgets before creation begins.
(Design) Project requirements and functionality are reviewed to select the best design specifications.

Affinity Networks is a leader in creating technology solutions for the challenges facing Healthcare, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Transportation and Government agencies. The firm’s expertise results in formulating, developing and implementing custom projects, programs and systems that operate to the highest standards. Our proven record of accomplishment of developing technology products and services for previous core Government and Commercial clients speaks for itself.

NextGen Government

Affinity Networks is the right choice to provide information technology solutions to Government agencies across the nation. We also provide services to prime contractors on a sub-contracted basis.

Health & Virtual Care

Affinity Networks combines a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry with the implementation of innovative technology applications in the medical and scientific fields. We are currently under contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide culturally relevant, healthcare content application to cell phones, tablet computers and other broadband devices.

Energy & Sustainability

We combine technology with experience to take the complexity out of energy management and create real bottom-line impact for the businesses, institutions and governments we serve. We have over ten years experience in creating & implementing effective sustainable energy strategies for our clients.

AI / Cognitive Processing / Data Science

Affinity Networks expertise in integrating infrastructure technology solutions for transportation is unparalleled. Intelligent Transportation Systems, Automated Traveler Information Systems, and Evacuation Simulation and Management are just a few of the advanced integrated IT developments for transportation.

Cloud, Mobile, IoT

The potential for terrorist activity in the United States has made Homeland Security of the greatest importance. Affinity Networks is a leader in optimizing the use of technology to enhance Homeland Security.

User Engagement & Consumer Engagement

Winning new customers is always harder than retaining your existing ones. The Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are quite high in most consumer segments and very high in almost all B2B segments. Thus, it is imperative that you provide the right experience to retain your existing customers and also have them bring new customers from their network.

Identity & Cybersecurity



I have been searching for a product like IntelaCare for over twenty years.

Col. John W. Barnes (ret.) President, EPS Technology Solutions

It has been a successful product that we are planning to use well into the foreseeable future.

Hugh Colton Special Studies Engineer, TMC Operations Georgia Department of Transportation