Our Approach

Affinity Networks adheres to a solid software development methodology to establish the best approach for your project. This process typically includes the following phases:

Discovery- All the information to develop your software is assembled and reviewed before the project starts.

Analysis- The system or application behavior is defined along with timelines and budgets before creation begins.

Design- Project requirements and functionality are reviewed to select the best design specifications.

Programming- State-of-the-art technologies are employed to develop your application quickly under the strict internal coding standards of Affinity Networks.

Testing- Quality Assurance specialists continuously test independent modules, as well as the complete system, throughout and after the programming process.

Deployment- Affinity Networks only considers a project complete when the software or application works in your desired location and integrates with your other systems and processes.

Maintain- We ensure enhancements and software updates as your needs evolve.

Let Affinity Networks put its proven development methodology to work for you.